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It’s been a while since we posted – a year in fact! We’ve been busy organizing in both the US and abroad.  Most recently, we concluded running the Sub-Saharan Africa Women in Public Service Institute led by Decisions in Democracy International (DDI) in NY, MA and NH – right through Hurricane Sandy.  The Institute was held at:  NYU Stern School of Business, Salvation Army International Social Justice Center, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Innovation Lab, Phillips Exeter Academy, and the NH State House to name a few.  More updates can be found at the DDI facebook site.

As the year comes to a close, we’d like to share a few updates on the upcoming 2013 UN CSW held at New York City’s UN Headquarters between 4 -15th of March 2013:

57 UN CSW banner

  1. If you’d like to register to run a session at the Parallel Sessions, organized by the NGO CSW Committee, deadline to do so is Monday, 17 DECEMBER 2012.
  2. Registration for the NGO CSW Forum Consultation Day on 3 March 2013 is not open yet (as of today). Visit the page often to see when they will go up.  This event gives participants an overview of the entire 57th UN CSW focus theme.  Highly recommended for those attending the UN CSW for the first time, or who can’t attend the rest of the sessions and would like to meet those working in gender equity from around the world.
  3. Registration to run a “side event” at UN HQ (organized by Permanent Missions and United Nations, which is separate from Parallel Sessions) is open (no deadlines listed, but register EARLY): Side Event portal
  4. Registration to attend events (official, side events, etc) inside the UN HQ is open. Deadline is 23 January 2013 (register early to avoid confusion and questions which inevitably come up during this process).

You can find more details about the 57th UN CSW here: Basics

How to enjoy and maximize your experience at UN CSW, visit our Before Arrival site.

We’ll be posting more information as the date approaches!


Retaining Women in STEM

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Retaining Women in STEM

[From today’s Council on Women and Girls’ Weekly Women’s Update Newsletter.  To sign up for the newsletter, register here.]

Today, December 9th at 3:30pm, the White House will honor individuals who help to recruit and retain “Women in STEM,” or Science-Technology-Engineering-and Math, as this week’s “Champions of Change.”

President Obama has made it a priority to recruit and retain women in STEM in his Administration as well. Leading up to this Friday’s event, we will be featuring a number of key women in STEM in the Obama Administration, beginning with our fantastic EPA Administrator (and Engineer!), Lisa Jackson.

Additionally, take a look at this super blog, “A Student’s Clear Lesson on Clean Air,” by Naomi Shah, the sixteen-year-old winner of the Google science fair. Her blog introduces readers to for her project focusing on the effects of air quality on asthma, and the importance of clean air in ensuring human health.

56th NGO CSW

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Start Planning Your Visit

The 56th NGO CSW (Commission on the Status of Women) will launch on February 26, 2012.  Parallel Events begin February 27, 2012. And the Commission closes on March 9, 2012.

Registering to enter the UN HQ? Deadline is January 17, 2012.  Register early to avoid system crashes.  CLICK HERE to register at the CSO Net.  For information on what to attend, go here.

For registration information for the Consultation Day (2/26), and other information for your attendance, visit NGO CSW’s website.

If this is your first time visiting, please review the guidelines provided on this website to your left (under “UN CSW“).

Today: 2pm Call

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White House Call: Kicking off Women’s History Month


CSW Advisory 4 and 5: Ground passes

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Notice 4 and 5 from CSW re: Ground Pass:

“We are pleased to inform you that the grounds passes of pre-registered NGO repre- sentatives who have attended any of the previous three sessions of the Commission on the Status of Women* have been pre-printed and will be available for pick-up from Friday, 18 February onwards. They will be given out in the visitors’ area of the General Assembly Building’s Lobby basement.
All other pre-registered NGO representatives should go to the UN Women NGO reg- istration desk located in the lobby of the General Assembly Building (ground floor). They will check-in and then be photographed for their grounds pass.”

For PDF notice, click HERE.

Notice 5:

Please read the following information about procuring secondary access passes for official CSW meetings* very carefully. For full PDF, click HERE.


A primary access pass = a blue laminated plastic badge that has a photo ID on it. By itself, it does not give access to the North Lawn Building. It must be used with a secondary access pass.
A secondary access pass = a coloured cardboard paper ticket with the date, time and location of the room to which it gives access in the North Lawn Building.
Please note that all official meetings (and overflow rooms when available) take place in the North Lawn Building except for the official opening of the session, which takes place in the General Assembly Hall.

1 grounds pass + 1 secondary access pass = entry into the North Lawn Building

For what are secondary access passes needed?
Secondary access passes are needed for access to official meetings and overflow rooms in the North Lawn Building, the opening of the session on 22 February at 10 a.m. in the General Assembly Hall (fourth balcony for NGO s) and for parallel events that take place in the North Lawn Building.
What is required to obtain secondary passes?
A valid grounds pass plus grounds pass form (which shows the organization represented by the bearer of the grounds pass).
Where will secondary access passes be distributed?
At a table marked “secondary access passes” located in the exhibition area of the lobby of the General Assembly Building (ground floor).
Who may request secondary access passes?
One representative per pre-registered organization provided that she/he has a valid grounds pass plus a grounds pass form.
When will secondary access passes be distributed?
Starting on Monday, 21 February, secondary access passes will be distributed during registration hours (NGO advisory 3). They will be distributed daily for the following day (both the morning and afternoon meetings, when relevant). That means that those sec- ondary accesses passes, which are necessary for the opening and the afternoon roundtables on Tuesday, 22 February, will be dis- tributed on all day on Monday, 21 February. Those secondary accesses passes, which are necessary to have for the morning and afternoon panels on Wednesday, 23 February, will be distributed all day on Tuesday, 22 February. And so on and so forth.
* Distribution of special events tags for parallel events will take place at a location and time stipulated by the events organizers (see advisory 2 on parallel events).
** Distribution of special events tags for the NGO caucus meetings will go through the NGO CSW Committee on the Status of Women.

UN CSW Advisory 2 & 3

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New Advisory Notice 2 and 3

Parallel events schedule is newly posted, with some sessions offering contact email to reserve your seat.  For more information, please view this PDF.

On-sight registration times are posted in the third advisory, or click here to see the dates and times registration will be open at the UN HQ Lobby: PDF

UN CSW Advisory Notice

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From the latest advisory notice by UN CSW

Click image below for full image. Click here for the full advisory notice.